Figure Friday #12 - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Giorno Giovanna & Gold Experience Super Action Statue Action Figures

Showing off another of our JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure figures, this week’s #figurefriday we have the JoJo of Part 5 Golden Wind (Vento Aureo) - Giorno Giovanna and his stand Gold Experience!

Giorno Giovanna Gold Experience Action Figure Super Action Statue
Coming in his pink outfit as seen in the anime adaption these Giorno and Gold Experience action figures come from Medicos Entertainment’s Super Action Statue (SAS) line of figures

Giorno comes with a ton of accessories such as the lighter he receives near the start of Golden Wind and a cup & saucer but we had to go for his classic pose. With him is his stand Gold Experience, we posed them together in an utterly fabulous JoJo pose.

We have more Part 5 JoJo figures to show in the future! We’re looking forward to the Giorno Ver. Black and Gold Experience Requiem figures coming later this year and hope to show them off once they arrive!

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