Figure Friday #13 - Yakuza’s Kiryu Kazuma Q-Bitz Mini Figure

This week’s #figurefriday - where we showcase on of our personal figures - is of The Dragon of Dojima himself, Kiryu Kazuma, from SEGA’s long running video game series Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku series!

Kiryu is the protagonist of Yakuza 0-6 and this mini figure of him shows him in his signature suit and red shirt.

We love this chibi version of Kiryu, and brings to life his frowning expression, hair and classic facial hair in figure form.

Coming from Asmus Toys, this figure is part of their Q-Bitz range of mini figures which also includes Majima from the Yakuza series as well - who we will showcase at some point in the future!

Hopefully we will get figures of the new protagonist from Yakuza 7/Like A Dragon Kasuga Ichiban at some point in the future!

Sadly these Yakuza figures are now not available anymore, but hopefully we will see more Yakuza figures in the future!

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