Figure Friday #24 - Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon S. Kennedy 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Moving back to gaming, for this week’s #figurefriday showing off our personal collection, we have Leon S. Kennedy from the acclaimed Capcom series Resident Evil!

Based on his appearance in Resident Evil 2 Remake of the long running survival horror series, this action figure features Leon in his Raccoon City Police Department outfit - made with real material!

Leon comes with a myriad of accessories including the 4 keys from the game, healing spray, knives, grenades, plus various weapons including shotguns & a massive rocket launcher along with various ammo boxes exactly like seen in the game

We decided to give Leon his classic look though, using his standard M19 with his flashlight - ready to peak in deadly dark rooms around the infected station.

This 1/6 scale action figure also comes with a belt with a number of parts to fit onto it including handcuffs and hip pouches - perfect for carrying herbs!

The base comes with the nice touch of Leon’s full name on a plaque.

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