Figure Friday #7 - The adorable Kirby Nendoroid figure

Seeing as #kirby has a new game today (25/03) - “The Forgotten Land” from Nintendo, it only made sense Figure Friday was about the cute little pink puff ball!

Kirby Nendoroid

The Kirby range of Nendoroids may be some of the most unique Nendoroid figures there are! Kirby’s body is magnetic so many of the parts and accessories just snap onto his body and can be easily moved around. His hat fits nicely on his head and snaps on and off so easily!

Hatless Kirby
We opted for his Sword ability because it looks very similar to another green hatted hero…
However Kirby comes with a couple more ability parts including his classic Fire and Star Rod Abilities. Of course he can also be displayed without any of his Copy Abilities and includes an adorable sleeping faceplate, plus how could you have a Kirby Nendoroid without the option of having him being puffed up.

Kirby and Link
We only have one of him left in stock and once he’s gone we will have to wait for a rerelease! Check Kirby out here! -

Next week’s Figure Friday will probably be a little bit different…