What are prize figures?

When looking at statue figures you may have seen the term "Prize Figure" associated with some statue figures, what are Prize Figures and how are they different from regular statue figures?

The Prize Figure statues themselves are very similar to other statues but it's the way they are usually attained that differentiate them

Crane games featuring Banpreso Demon Slayer Prize Figures (image credit: Otaku In Tokyo)

Prize figures in Japan are only available in arcade prize machines such as crane games (or UFO Catchers as they are known) and are not available to purchase new at retail as they are exclusively made for arcades

As we in the west don't have the massive arcades and numerous crane games Japan does, over here we can freely buy Prize Figures without having to win them from arcade machines

Some of the top Prize Figures are available to purchase at Hobby Figures including Bandai's Banpresto, Taito, SEGA Goods and Furyu!