What’s the difference between model kits and action figures?

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Model kits and action figures may look very similar but there is one major thing that sets them apart!

Whereas action figures are pre-assembled and painted, plastic model kits require at least some work before they can be displayed. Some model kits come in parts and need to be assembled together before it can be posed and displayed, other model kits require painting as well

Model kits come in all shapes and styles, popular series include Mecha Robot kits including Gundam model kits as well as humanoids and vehicles.

As models kits require assembling and often need to be painted they are usually cheaper then action figures - which come preassembled and painted. For ease and to look good straight out the box action figures are the best choice…however, the work involved in assembling and painting a model kit can be very rewarding and enjoyable

A few popular manufacturers of model kits are Kotobukiya and Bandai Tamashii Nations who produce a wide range of model kits of various styles

Now you know the difference have a look at our range of model kits!